Poppy Playtime Huggy Wuggy

Poppy Playtime is a popular horror game. If you consider yourself a great connoisseur of this category, then you are welcome! The game also combines several other genres such as puzzle and adventure. Here you have to visit a mysterious place and unravel the mystery about the disappearance of almost all the employees of the former toy factory. If you consider yourself brave enough, then start this journey! Do you think you will be able to stay alive?

What secret will the main character have to solve?

According to legend, about 10 years ago, a huge catastrophe took place in the building for the production of toys and dolls for children. In the course of this terrible event, almost all the workers disappeared. Nobody knows where they went, so they are considered missing. Several people managed to escape. One of the survivors decided to conduct his own investigation. He decided to take a crazy and courageous step.

You will play the role of a former factory employee who decided to go to the abandoned territory. He will try to find everything that should help him find out the truth about that mysterious day. Various difficulties will arise on your way. Sometimes when you get a piece of evidence, it may seem to you that you have become closer to the solution, but another option is also possible.

Getting a clue about a situation that worries you, it can only lead you astray. Therefore, before making important decisions – think them over well. Try to make the most of your logic as well as your intuition. In the game you have to solve puzzles. Be careful, otherwise you will not be able to complete the mission.

Who else is in the same building with you?

Going to the abandoned factory, the main character could not even think that there could be someone else inside but him. Incomprehensible noise in long corridors, laughter, footsteps … Who publishes all this? Oh no, all the toys and dolls came to life! This building is completely at their disposal. They know every corner and want to set you up!

All toys not only look very scary and creepy, but some of them also know how to talk. All dolls must be wary of here. Their main goal in the game is to do everything so that you do not find the real reason, for most people are missing. You should be very careful. You need to do everything as quietly as possible, because toys have good hearing. They will immediately take you by surprise and kill you!

Walkthrough gameplay

The game will be completed when you leave the factory unharmed. Be attentive! Pay attention to small details. Use GrabPack for your convenience. Explore the whole area and all locations. Look for clues and complete the mission! Look for yellow tape to view the surveillance cameras. Do this carefully so that the monsters do not interfere with you!

Play story and finally find out what has been hidden from people for many years. Find out why all the toys came to life and so badly want someone to find out the real reason for the disappearance of the factory employees! Go through all the tests and go around the traps from your enemies. Improve your skills and abilities to defeat monsters!