Andy’s Apple Farm

Welcome to the happy land where persons so different in nature play in harmony. You are greeted by a sweet red fruit in a ranch costume. He is not here to tell long tales, he invites you to have fun with friends! The hero doesn’t know yet about a stunning surprise the game has prepared for him.

It is Felix the Fish who spoils the secret: we must get award stickers from four characters to win the Andy’s Apple Farm key stolen from us. Well, a prize deserving our best effort! Waste no time, the sun is about to hide.

Simple Objective: Return Home!
What can be easier than winning a mini game for kids? Hook fish with Felix, sing notes with Melody, sort food with Margaret, and enjoy classic I spy with Claus! Actually, every one of your bonus stickers will be hard-won.

Andy’s Apple Farm starts with the speech of Thomas the developer who asks you to notice and report any glitches. And there are more bugs than you and the characters can handle. Out of nothing, you get glimpses of a tragic story of Isabella the human watching her family falling apart.

Different actions trigger different flashes of memory, so be eager to explore the valley for hidden game content. Consume the information with open eyes and ears like a professional detective! If you do the investigation thoroughly, you’ll tie the girl’s history to the happy land and find a way to help.