Burger & Frights

The long working day in Burger & Frights is over! You pack a tasty sandwich in the bicycle basket and drive home safely down a long, empty lane. All you meet is a scarecrow, a single red car, an overturned bike, and a girl in white in the middle of the road that scares you to death. Little did the worker know that his journey would turn into a long occult game.

This kid doesn’t leave you. In fact, she chases you, if not haunts. She locks you in a corner, and in the scariest moment, you wake up at the beginning of the game as if nothing has happened. Is this fast food eatery cursed?

Solve the Enigma of Burger & Frights

Seems like this monster wants you to understand something. With each awakening, usual things around you reveal their terrifying backside. The driver of the red car goes mad and pursues you, the packed sandwich leaks with blood, and the hands of a hundred dead reach out to catch you. But you don’t deserve this destiny! Or do you?

All you can do is witness. The game reveals itself bit by bit without an effort from your side. Often look around to notice changes but monitor the way ahead to not let the girl grip you too soon. You may find a meditative ride soothing at some point: be wary, this is a part of the devil’s play. When you get out of the loop, you’ll catch yourself thinking that this is what every true horror must be like.