Friday Night Funkin’ vs Huggy Wuggy

The most anticipated horror by now is Poppy Playtime 2 for sure! But while it’s not with us, we can have fun with our favorite game mascot. Let’s spectate the music battle of the blue-haired artist and the blue monster and enjoy their perfect match of voice!

Friday Night Funkin’ vs. Huggy Wuggy is one song that raises a sack of memories. Fans see references to early 2000’s careless tunes. Plus, the toy sounds satisfyingly pitchy like a groan tube, which just has to bring vague nostalgia. Lose yourself in buttery lifts and drops of the game and put them on repeat in your head.

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The atmosphere of a duet is magical. The doll gives you a mixture of cute and creepy vibes. He wiggles his soft long arms invitingly but doesn’t mind showing off a shark row of teeth. You know things will escalate quickly when you miss notes.

Thankfully, the game has classic three difficulties for both enjoyers and challengers. So, you can turn on an Easy play and listen to the same verses with less effort. Keyboard professionals will find the Hard mode pleasing, non-aggravative. Unlike Tricky and similar characters, this chart is made to calm.

Song Battle with Canonical Animatronic

Usually, beasts and villains who visit the Boyfriend’s game stage are given harsh voice tones to highlight their nature. But this time is different for the better! High notes really suit the beloved friend of kids and make us want to embrace the plush opponent after the play.

And it fits in the widespread theory about the minds of workers locked inside toys. If you’re excited about the idea of Poppy Playtime, you’ll be happy to try this incredible creation.