Toca Life World

The adorable cartoon graphics, well-detailed locations with interactive objects and many interesting activities – everything that is waiting for you in Toca Life World on this site. So let’s start to discover all the opportunities developers prepared for you in this game.

You can start by exploring the map. It has different locations and includes city, village and other places you are able to visit. Every location contains various buildings, including hospital, hair salon, shop, grocery store and other places. They are fully furnished, and there you can easily find something you can interact with. In the shop you can purchase something for your house, get yourself a new costume or even an adorable pet.

And you also have a house with your friends. Spend time there together, sleep, play and decorate it. After a good shopping trip, you need to eat delicious meals. Luckily for you, in the cafe you have the possibility to make yourself the meal you want.

In this game you are able to create different characters and change their outfits. In the beginning you are able to pick the heroes the game created for you. But the more you move forward and save money, the more beautiful and stylish outfits and personages are unlocked for you.

Get the perfect clothes for your personage, remember about the matching accessories and pick the hairstyle you want. If you want a funny costume, search for it in a special place on the map. There you are also able to find a pet for yourself and different secret locations. The secrets are a huge part of this product.

More exciting activities are waiting for you in this game. Explore Toca Life World and find something to entertain yourself. Enjoy!