Do you enjoy Little Nightmares as much as the creators of Obusite? This new project lets us live through the best features of 3D horror again! Watching from the fourth wall perspective, guide a kid lost in a bad dream about their grandpa. A polaroid has grown into his face, and he turns boiling life into still photocards.

Most likely, the antagonist of this game represents a fear of boredom. The kid is scared to redeem bright years full of action for dull days, when nothing is left except to roam corners of memory. Help them escape the pressure of a dusty cellar and burst through the door into the fresh, lively world.

Fight Your Fear with Game Hero

The charm of the setting is that we don’t know anything. There is no background narrator to inform us why the protagonist is stuck in the basement or who this old cameraman is. Each person imagines personal meaning to explain what they are witnessing. As a result, you’re tasting your own game and coming up with unique conclusions.

Some see a funny chase with the grotesque villain, others construct a coherent plot around Obusite. You, too, are welcome to invent a satisfying legend and play it. But first, plunge into the dizzying atmosphere of nothingness. How small the kid is compared to the world! And what a big brave heart they have to face the scariest nightmare!