Security Booth

The smallest ‘what if’ changes the fate of humanity. The late shift guard in the Security Booth doesn’t even suspect how important his decisions are tonight.

It’s 1996, and Nova Nexus runs the last stage of its top-secret experiment, when something suddenly goes wrong. You’re not allowed to know the details, your job is letting the employees in and out the laboratory, as well as stopping unregistered strangers on gates. A pretty simple play to occupy spare 5 minutes if you’re not curious about the plot.

Despite the high confidentiality, you can assemble a picture of what is going on in the game and make the right choice. In short, will you let one person on trails perish to save more?

Gather a Jigsaw with Missing Parts

This is a symbolic game. It doesn’t tell you where exactly to look to know the truth, it’s your business to find answers. The main source of information is adhesive notes left by a ghost around your cabin: they are short diary entries of an anonymous worker. Look closely at names in the book, decipher license plates, talk to drivers, and accept calls from the plant. Soon, you will own enough fragments to build your Security Booth theory and find the secret ending of the story.

It’s time for a regular guard to take on global safety. This detective horror game will perplex you for longer than it lasts.