Mr. TomatoS

Mr.TomatoS1 is a cute and colorful simulation game in which you can feed a funny red vegetable. Listen to your character and give him the food he wants. The gameplay is quite simple; you just need to make the hungry Mister happy by feeding him.

Mix food and get points!

The game has a huge selection of ingredients that you can give your character. You can feed him separate foods, or you can mix them in a blender. You can make a mixture with only two ingredients. Think carefully before mixing them! After all, a mixture, for example, from onions and lemon, may not like the Mister and then he will get angry or even die and you will have to start the game again.

When you mix different ingredients, give the resulting mixture to your character, and he is delighted, he becomes happier, which means you get points. You can spend them in the store, which you have access to after each round. In the store, you can replenish food to make new mixes. Earn more points and unlock new food items!

As you progress through the levels in front of you will be bags in which food is hidden. What exactly is in the bag is a secret, so you will need to guess which one is correct. If you are wrong it will make your character angry. Don’t let the mister get angry!

Combine food correctly to see one of the endings in Mr. TomatoS! Remember that you can play only once!