Creepy Tale 2

The game universe, where magical creatures and people live together in peace. Where parents take monsters under the bed seriously, and brownies protect households from evil forces. Two species are well accustomed to each other, but sometimes, an unusually high note ruins the chorus.

This is how it goes in Creepy Tale 2. It crawls deeper into the plot of the first chapter: a speechless performance of kidnapped boys, deadly beautiful butterflies, and their crowned little queen. We could only guess why a small girl was obsessed with world dominance and why she was so cruel with two innocent brothers.

You are the Only Hope of Kingdom

Our protagonist of the second game, Lars, has a little sister, and strange things happen to her once at night. A goblin bursts into the house and hurts the mighty father badly, but it doesn’t do any harm to the kid. Instead, crowned girl Marta offers her a pretty magical tiara to wear. It takes over the mind of Ellie, making her an ally of darkness in Creepy Tale 2.

Like in the previous game, Lars will make acquaintances with kind and bad entities. Among them are house elves, witches who feed human flesh, spirits of the forest, and more bulky goblins possessed by sparkling butterflies. Will you outsmart them or play by their destructive rules to reunite your family?