Project Kat

Phantoms, devils, evil spirits—what silly fairy tales for kids! It is obvious that nothing supernatural can thrive in reality, but the opportunity to touch the unknown draws curious minds to Project Kat.

Three schoolgirls gather in the Occult Club’s room for a risky game with a spirit board. Unfortunately for the party, they summon a fourth highly skeptical student who ruins the magic of the night. She is the main character who, despite the strong unbelief, has put a big effort into finding the perfect environment for a ritual. Project Kat requires one protecting rune, 3 dark rooms, 12 candles, and the curl of the doer’s hair.

One Ritual, More than a Dozen Endings

Play with inputs to get different outcomes. You decide whether Saki, Kaya, and Juli will return home tonight and whether they’ll befriend the main character. Or maybe she will find much more powerful allies in the underworld? Inspect corners of the spacious building for hidden items. Click twice for flavor text that will route the game in a different direction.

There is no need to rush! You have time to unlock the secret classroom and figure out the writer of an obsessed love letter. And this mind-blowing sandbox is only a setup for a future game called Paper Lily! Let’s hope it will give certain answers to questions the prequel perplexes us with.